THE JORDAN TAYLOR GROUP, LLC - "Client satisfaction is priority one!"
Dear Fundraiser:
In these difficult times we live in, there are financial challenges for everyone. Charitable organizations that provide so many invaluable services to others are experiencing some of the biggest impact of all.  Many are experiencing great difficulty in finding the funds to maintain and advance their good works that millions of people depend on.
We at The Jordan Taylor Group serve those who serve others and we understand these challenges and would like to offer our support. Our firm provides unique and proven solutions that generate enduring cash flows that are easily implemented, and provide tremendous value and benefits to an organization, its members, and benefactors.
Our services are provided to worthy organizations at no cost and we manage 99% of the details, allowing you to focus fully on the mission of your organization.  We can assure you that our fresh and unique solutions will be harmonious with your mission and any existing programs you have in place.
We would be honored if you would share a few minutes of your valuable time to speak with us and allow us to explain what we can do for your organization.  Please feel free to call or email us so that we can schedule a phone appointment that suits your busy schedule.  We will also extend a follow-up call shortly as well.
We look forward to surprising and delighting you with our successful programs that have been invaluable in increasing the revenues so critical to carrying on the wonderful work charitable/not-for-profit organizations provide.
Carl T. Douglas